Thank you for visiting Neshamah Yoga, where there’s no place like ShalOM – peace and wholeness from the inside out.

Convenient to North Hills, Neshamah Yoga is a small, serene home studio. Located in a leafy green neighborhood, the practice space is warm and inviting; the instruction, personalized; and the sense of belonging, palpable.

For the uninitiated, Neshamah is a Hebrew word meaning both breath and soul.  Yoga, a Sanskrit word, translates as unionNeshamah Yoga Studio honors the intimate connection between our physicality and spirituality.  Mat time is an auspicious opportunity to root, ground and nourish.  T.K.V Desikachar, esteemed master yogi explains, “Anybody can breathe.  Therefore anybody can practice yoga”.  

Yoga is for everyone – no matter how old you are, how fit, or even how flexible.  If the student is ready…. if you are ready, so am I!

Yoga is the best vehicle I know for cultivating a healthy relationship with our bodies, our selves.  Studio culture emphasizes integrated health; practicing without mirrors or idealized images of the perfect pose. Instead  the value is on safe alignment and sweet sensation, with breath awareness and mindfulness examples of just some of the tools we use to access a state of oneness.

Neshamah students vary in experience, as weekly drop-in classes are open level.  Pose modifications (to make the posture accessible for beginners) and variations (to deepen the embodiment for more advanced students) are always offered. The over-riding intention is to make the practice uniquely yours, one yogi, one breath at a time. Private instruction is also an increasingly popular option.

If you’re coming to the studio for your first time, please arrive 10 minutes early.   If you’re new to yoga, beginning physical activity, or have questions or concerns of any kind, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Drop In Fee: $15 (90 minute class)

Studio Newcomers: $30 for first 3 classes!

Private Instruction: $30-$50
60/75/90 minutes

Reduced rates, dependent on financial need, may also be negotiated.

Phyllis Kritz, E-RYT® 200, RYT 500

How did yoga come into my life?

My introduction to yoga was in 1998 during the active recovery stage of a decades old eating disorder that had taken an accumulated toll on my psyche. Stepping on the mat was truly a step up; for the first time I felt at home in my body.  I credit yoga for helping me find balance, peace, strength,
and flexibility – the likes of which I never before experienced. Borrowing a favorite line from a friend, “I need yoga like air!”; I found my passion and my calling! In 2008 I graduated from the North Carolina School of Yoga, in 2012 completed the Yoga and Jewish Spirituality Teacher Training Institute. Most recently I completed my 500hour level Yoga Teacher Training through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy…

02-YA-TEACHER-RYT-50002-YA-TEACHER-ERYT-200Today, the yoga journey continues!

How do I practice on the mat?

If it’s a teaching day I like to begin with some of my favorite poses to warm up the spine and move in all directions.   That said, the list of specific postures changes like the wind.  I typically begin on hands and knees, or sometimes child’s pose, and take it from there. From whatever feels good in my body, organically leads to the next asana, and before I know it I’ve dropped into the flow.

How do I practice off the mat?

I find myself seeing the world and navigating life from a yogic and Kabbalistic point of view. Cultivating wholeness on the mat guides me to seek connection in the rest of my life.  Moving from duality to embodying oneness makes complete sense whether I’m physically practicing yoga or engaging with others.  Keep coming back to these principles is an ongoing ritual!

Why a yoga teacher?

My undergraduate degree is in education so on some level I’m comfortable teaching.  That said my first yoga training was more about deepening my own practice and understanding.   As I became increasingly experienced, it felt natural to share yoga’s gifts with others.

What is my teaching style?

Eclectic, is a good description, as my style is ever evolving, drawing from so many inspiring, knowledgeable teachers. I try not to take myself too seriously (left and right reversals deserve a good laugh) and always encourage my students to “make it your own”! As my advanced training addressed the therapeutic application of yoga, I’m keenly aware of its ability to help balance mood as well as support recovery from addictive/disordered behaviors.  The full range of hatha yoga offerings informs my teaching; to keep things fresh I choose from wide-ranging styles – vinyassa flow to gentle/restorative.  By far the most important principle is making yoga accessible for every body!

“I have learned much from my teachers, more from my students.” ~ Rabbi  Chanina